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What You Can Expect When You Find the Right Funeral Home

When you start the search for a funeral home serving Grand Junction, CO families, do you know what you should expect from them? You’ll quickly find out that the death care services provider you choose will make or break your funeral planning experience. So it’s important that you do your research before making a choice. But when you do find a reputable and professional funeral home, you will be on the receiving end of some great benefits.

Some of the things you can look forward to from a quality death care services provider include the following:

Compassionate Assistance

You’ll want professional and compassionate service when you plan final services for a loved one who has died. In fact, you’ll want the help of staff who will treat you the way they’d want to be treated if faced with your circumstances. There are definitely funeral homes out there that believe in truly being there for those who seek their help. Compassionate staff will empathize with what you’re going through and offer needed support.

Information About Products and Services

Staff at a reputable funeral home will take the time to explain your options. You’ll want to know what products and services are available, and you’ll want to deal with staff who will patiently explain what final services options are available to you. The good news is that funeral homes are required by law to provide general price lists to customers who request them. You can look at this document to see what’s available and what the costs are. With this document, you’ll find it easier if you’re on a budget and want to plan a final disposition for what you can afford.

Answers to Your Questions

A funeral home worth patronizing will answer all your questions. You might simply not have experience planning final services. So you might have a whole lot of questions about the process, about what documents need to be signed, about how to decide between a cremation and a funeral, and so forth. Staff at a reputable funeral home will answer your questions so that you know what’s going on at each stage of the process. They’ll also offer you recommendations and advice that will further help you to make informed decisions.

If you’re looking for a Grand Junction, CO funeral home that you can trust, get in touch with us at Brown’s Cremation & Funeral Service. We’re a professional death care services provider that has deep roots in and around the area. We can help you plan a funeral and cremation, and we also offer other add-on services and products that you may need for the body disposition. What can you expect from us? You can expect compassionate assistance, information about what we offer, and answers to all your questions. Get in touch by phone, in person, or online at We’re personally available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer your questions and to meet your needs. And our professional staff members are ready to help you plan a funeral, cremation, or memorial.

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3 Ways You Can Memorialize Your Loved One After Cremation

Once the funeral home you hire performs the cremation services in Grand Junction, CO, you’ll get the chance to memorialize your deceased loved on in a meaningful way. So what will it be? There are plenty of options that you can choose from, and the funeral home will be happy to help you choose something fitting. Here are 3 ways you can memorialize your loved one.

1. Cremation Jewelry

Are you looking for a keepsake to commemorate the deceased in a special way? One option is to get cremation jewelry. This is a good option if you already like wearing jewelry and will therefore actually use the cremation or memorial jewelry. If you’re not sure what it is, cremation jewelry looks like any other piece of quality jewelry. But what makes it different is that cremation jewelry contains a compartment into which the cremation ashes of your loved one can be placed. Whether you like earrings, lockets, or some other types of jewelry, you can get options that not only have aesthetic appeal, but also have sentimental appeal.

2. Monuments

Another way you can memorialize your deceased loved one is to buy a monument of some kind. For instance, if you plan to bury the ashes in an urn in a grave plot or on private property, you might want to get a grave marker. They’re available in all sorts of sizes and styles, and you can personalize it. You can also buy a bench that you might want to place in your backyard. Do you want more monument ideas? You can ask the funeral home you hire for more recommendations on ways you can honor your deceased relative.

3. Urn

You might also wish to buy an urn as a keepsake. While some people scatter the ashes or even bury the urn, many simply keep the urn as a way to remember their deceased loved one. You can get urns in different themes, made from different materials, and more. Another benefit of getting an urn is that you can personalize it. You can add the person’s name, a scripture text, some words of wisdom, or just about anything else you can think of.

As you can see, there are different memorialization options after cremations services in Grand Junction, CO. For the help you need, get in touch with us at Brown’s Cremation & Funeral Service. We’re a professional and compassionate death care services provider with experience helping people to plan funerals, cremations, and memorials. You can reach us by phone, at our office, and online. When you check out our website at, you’ll be able to see some memorialization ideas. We are personally available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer your questions and to fulfill your needs. Our professional staff is available to coordinate and direct body disposition services at our funeral home, at a cemetery, at a church, or at another facility. We’re here to assist when you need us.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Preplan Your Cremation

Have you contacted a funeral home in Palisade, CO for cremation services planning? If you have, great. But if you haven’t gotten around to it or don’t feel like doing so, then it’s important that you consider some of the reasons why it makes perfect sense to get your affairs in order.

So that you understand the true value behind preplanning your final services, check out these 3 reasons why you should take on this important responsibility sooner rather than later.

1. Your Family Won’t Have to Do it for You

When a family member dies, it will deal a blow to loved ones who must process what has happened and come to terms with the event. But it can be even more difficult if family members have to plan the body disposition while they are still in shock. By investing a bit of time and effort, you can preplan and ensure that your family is not left having to do the planning after you’re gone. It really is a selfless thing to do, and it will be appreciated. Also remember that some funeral homes will let you preplan online, which will make it even easier for you to do it.

2. Do it the Way You Want

Do you really want to leave it up to your family to plan your body disposition? Are you part of a family that has always gone with funeral services? If you’d like to be cremated but aren’t certain if your loved ones will abide by your wishes, then you should preplan. Do you want a cremation service followed by a memorial? You can ensure that things unfold the way you want by preplanning all the big and small details. Basically, if you’ve always enjoyed taking control over your own affairs rather than letting others dictate things on your behalf, then preplanning makes sense.

3. Feel Better

When you know you’ve finally taken care of business, you won’t worry about it anymore. It won’t weigh on your mind. You won’t have a nagging feeling that you really should get it done. You’ll feel better, and this will help you sleep better and ease your mind of concern. Wouldn’t it be nice to go to sleep at night knowing that you’ve done all you can to protect your loved ones? You can rest assured that they will be grateful that you did take on this important duty.

Are you ready to preplan your cremation services in Palisade, CO? Brown’s Cremation & Funeral Service, a professional death care services provider, is at your service. In fact, you can actually preplan online by going to our website at Brown Mortuary. For the assistance you require, contact us by phone or stop by our office. We are personally available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to answer your questions and to help you in any way we can. Our professional staff members are here to help you plan a funeral, cremation, or memorial service, so get in touch for the help you require.

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3 Questions to Ask Funeral Homes Before Choosing One

Prior to selecting a funeral home to perform final services for a deceased relative, you’ll want to be certain that you’ve made the right choice. Yes, you’ll be under tight constraints to plan a body disposition following a death in the family. But that doesn’t mean you can merely trust any Palisade, CO funeral home you find in an online or print directory.

As you search for the right death care services provider for you and your family, here’s a look at 3 questions you should ask. The responses you get will help you decide which company to hire.

1. How Long Have You Been in Business?

The length of time a funeral home has been in business is important. You’ll want to know that it has been around for a while – more than a handful of years. A company that has been in existence for decades will, especially if it’s been serving the same region, be easier to research. So while you can’t necessarily trust a company just because it’s been around for a long time, you will more likely than not be better served by such a company than by a new company.

2. What Services Do You Offer?

This is a question you definitely need an answer to. It would be a mistake to believe that all funeral homes are more or less the same or that they all offer the same range of services. Some offer funerals, others offer cremations, some offer both of these body dispositions, some offer both funerals and cremations but don’t allow for cremations with formal services, and so forth. So you’ll want to ask what they offer in order to make the right decision.

3. How Much Do Your Services and Products Cost?

Funeral homes and crematories are required by law to offer you a general price list. This document lists all the services and products offered by the death care service providers as well as the costs for these services and products. The price list to be invaluable as you get on with the business of planning a loved one’s cremation or funeral. Proactive death care services providers will often allow you do download their price lists from off their websites.

When you need a reputable and professional funeral home serving Palisade, CO families, get in touch with us at Brown’s Cremation & Funeral Service. We specialize in helping families to plan final services for their deceased loved ones. Our goal is to help you during your time of need and to treat you the way we’d like to be treated were our circumstances reversed. For the assistance you require, contact us by phone or stop by our office. We personally are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer your questions and fulfill your requests. Our professional staff members are available to coordinate and direct a funeral or memorial service, so get in touch and let us know how we can help you in your time of need.