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You Know that Cremation is the Body Disposition Option for You When…

It’s definitely a good idea to sit down with the funeral director at a funeral home to preplan your body disposition. That way your loved ones won’t have to do it for you after you pass away. Whether you opt for a funeral service or a cremation service in Aspen, CO is entirely up to you since either body disposition option is a good choice. Even so, there are times when you’ll know deep down that the only way to go is a cremation service. Here’s how you can tell:

You Don’t Want to Spend More than is Needed

If you’re going to preplan your final services and are determined to not spend any more money than is absolutely necessary, then you probably should stick with cremation. You’re likely to save money if you arrange a cremation over a funeral. Look through the general price list that you’re given and see for yourself which body disposition is the most cost-effective option.

You Don’t Want to be in a Casket that Takes Up a Lot of Space

Are you uneasy about being buried in a casket and taking up a lot of space in a cemetery? If so, you might want to go with cremation. You can ask your loved ones to take your ashes home in an urn – which will eliminate the need to bury a casket. You can also ask them to scatter your ashes in a place that holds special significance to you. This can be in your flower garden or at the family cottage. Do you want your urn to be buried? An urn is obviously much smaller than a casket, which means that it won’t take up much ground space. You can also get a biodegradable urn that will, as the name suggests, break down and disintegrate. You can rest assured that such an urn will have no permanent impact on the environment. Also note that cremation ashes don’t pose any environmental or health risks.

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You’d Like to Go Home with Your Family

Being buried means you’ll be left in a cemetery. But if you’re cremated, your family can display your ashes on the fireplace mantel or get memorial jewelry made in your honor. This will help you to remain close to your loved ones – at least in a symbolic sense. Doing this will also help your loved ones to feel closer to you even if death separates you from them.

If you’re looking to plan cremation services in Aspen, CO, Brown’s Cremation & Funeral Service is the only company that you need in your corner. You can reach us by phone, in person, or online at You can also preplan your body disposition on our website, which will make things convenient. We’re personally available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer your questions and to meet your needs. Let us know what we can do to help or ask us any questions you may have. We’ll be glad to assist you in any way we can.

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How Funeral Homes Have Responded to the COVID-19 Crisis 

The fallout from COVID-19 has created a new normal for people and businesses alike. Because the virus is so contagious, authorities have called for social distancing to limit person-to-person transmission. Some businesses have had to shut their doors while others have had to adapt. So it should not come as any surprise to learn that funeral homes in Aspen, CO, which remain open, are making changes intended to protect their employees and the public at large.

Here are some of the things that funeral homes are taking to help fight the spread of COVID-19 as they meet the needs of families and individuals in the community.

They’re Serving Responsibly

The new normal means that that it’s no longer business a usual. Funeral homes are following state regulations to ensure that they serve the public safely and responsibly. You can count on the same professionalism, compassion, and enthusiasm from staff at funeral homes. They remain as dedicated as ever to helping those who need their help.

They’re Adapting Services to

Are you worried about whether or not you’ll be able to hold a funeral service for your deceased relative? There’s no need to worry. Funeral homes will continue to hold funeral services so that people can give their loved ones the respectful final send-offs that they deserve. The one thing you should be mindful of, however, is that the gatherings may have to be smaller in light of state regulations on the size of public gatherings. You can be sure that the funeral home you hire will work with you to plan whatever body disposition services you and your family need.

They’re Ramping Up Cleaning and Sanitizing

While funeral homes have always prized cleanliness and orderliness, the coronavirus crisis has led them to implement even more rigorous measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. So you can be sure that the properties are safe for you, your family, and other well-wishers.

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They’re (Still) Offering Round-the-Clock Help

You can get a hold of a reputable funeral home 24/7. So if you have any questions outside of regular business hours, you’ll be able to get some answers sooner rather than later. One of the staff members at the funeral home you contact will be able to answer your questions or assist you as needed. You won’t have to worry about service levels during the pandemic lockdown.

If you’re looking for a reputable funeral home in Aspen, CO, get in touch with us at Brown’s Cremation & Funeral Service. You can reach us by phone, in person, or online at Feel free to do your planning online at our website if you’d prefer that option. Despite the COVID-19 lockdown, we’re open to serve you as a company designated by the state as an essential business. We’re personally available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer your questions and to meet your needs. And our professional staff members are ready to help you plan a funeral, cremation, or memorial.

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Your Cremation Services Provider Offers a Wealth of Resources

A death in the family is never easy to accept. When such a scenario occurs, you’ll want help from a Grand Junction, CO cremation services and funeral services provider. In addition to helping to plan the body disposition, the death care services provider will also offer you a lot of resources that you and other members of your family may find useful. Look at the following list of resources, and ask the funeral home you work with for more details as needed.

Questions and Answers

Chances are that there are things about funeral homes, funerals, cremations, and other things involving the planning process that you are not certain about. Many funeral homes have a questions and answers section that you can refer to for responses to some of the most common queries. You just might find answers to some of the questions that had bewildered you in the past. Should you have further questions, you can ask the funeral director for more details.

Grief Support

After a death close to home, you and your loved ones will grieve. That’s a normal response to the death of someone near and dear to you. You’ll also be pleased to know that funeral homes will also be able to help you with any grief support you may need. Specifically, they’ll be able to point you in the right direction by providing a list of different grief support agencies in and around the area. No two people grieve the same way or for the same amount of time. And there may be some people in your family who struggle to accept the death. This is why grief support resources can be really beneficial for you and others in your family.

Social Security Benefits

If applicable, you should read up on social security benefits. It’s possible that you or other members of your family may qualify for these benefits after the death of a loved one. Some funeral homes will include social security benefits resources on their websites so that you can read up on who might qualify for these benefits.


Another section on the resources page will be the merchandise area. This includes monuments, urns, caskets, memorial jewelry, and more. There are many options to select from, and the funeral director at the funeral home will help you get exactly what you want to honor your loved one.

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COVID-19 Information

You’ll also find information relating to the steps the funeral home is taking to ensure the safety of its staff and its customers during the COVID-19 crisis. If you have any questions, you can always contact the funeral home. They’ll be pleased to explain the steps they’re taking to keep everyone safe.

If you need to plan cremation services in Grand Junction, CO, get in touch with us at Brown’s Cremation & Funeral Service. You can reach us by phone, in person, or online at We’re personally available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer your questions and to meet your needs. And our professional staff members are ready to help you plan a funeral, cremation, or memorial.

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What Type of Merchandise Can You Get from a Funeral Home?

You can count on a reputable funeral home in Grand Junction, CO for a great many things. The funeral director and the rest of the staff members will help you plan a funeral service or cremation service, will answer whatever questions you may have, and will do so much more. One of the things you’ll need to do during the planning process is decide what merchandise to buy. You’ll get to see the merchandise available by looking at the general price list.

What follows is a look at what merchandise you can expect to find at a reputable funeral home in the area.

Memorial Monuments

Funeral homes sell memorial monuments. These items can include tombstones, mausoleums, benches, specialty uprights, companion slants and uprights, individual slants and uprights, junior markers, and vases. You can contact the funeral home of your choice to learn more about your memorial monument options so that you find the right one for your family.


If your loved one will be cremated, then you’ll likely want to buy an urn. You’ll find many options depending on your budget, the purpose of the urn, and the material it’s made from. If you wish to keep the urn at home, then you may want to get something a bit more upscale. If you wish to display the urn in your outdoor living space, like on a patio deck, then you’ll want to select a material that will hold up to the elements The funeral home you work with will help you make the right choice based on different factors. So you can count on getting the help you need.


Do you want a unique way to memorialize your deceased loved one? You might want to consider cremation jewelry. You can, for instance, get quality necklaces that you’ll be proud to wear not only because it will honor a loved one, but also because it will actually look great. A funeral home will be able to give you more details as to what kind of memorial jewelry is available. One way you can make memorial jewelry all the more meaningful is by placing some of the cremation ashes within a compartment in the cremation jewelry.

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As you would expect, funeral homes sell caskets. You’ll find a good selection of caskets to meet your budget. Bronze and copper caskets feature naturally non-rusting materials, great construction quality, durable materials, and more. Check the general price list to see your options.

If you’re looking for a reputable funeral home in Grand Junction, CO, get in touch with us at Brown’s Cremation & Funeral Service. You can get ahold of us by phone, in person, or online at Feel free to do your planning online at our website if you’d prefer that option over visiting us for a consultation. We’re personally available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer your questions and to meet your needs. We want you to know we are continuing to serve local families during the COVID-19 crisis while steadfastly following state and local requirements to ensure everyone’s health and safety. Let us know how we can help