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How to Plan an Affordable Final Service

What are your options if you need to arrange a final service at a funeral home in Rifle, CO and need to do so on a relatively tight budget? The good news is that there are options if you are cost-conscious but still want to plan a meaningful and respectful final service for a loved one.

Here’s are a few tips to keep in mind when you want to arrange an affordable final service.

Choose the Right Funeral Home

No two funeral homes are the same. Some funeral homes offer great service while others don’t. When you’re looking for a great service provider that charges reasonable prices, you’ll want to do some research. Contact funeral homes you’re potentially interested in working with, and ask them for their general price lists that show what they offer and what they charge. This will help you to figure out which death care services providers are most suitable for you and yours. One thing to avoid is the temptation to make a choice solely based on cost. So consider cost as well as other things like final service package options, facilities, customer service, and more.

Consider Cremation Service

While a good funeral director can help you to arrange an affordable cremation and casket burial, there’s no denying that the most cost-effective body disposition is a cremation service. So if you really want to pay as little as possible for the final service, you’ll want to seriously consider cremation. If you wish to have a cremation but also want to have some sort of service, ask the funeral director who helps you plan. For instance, some funeral homes offer cremation with a service, which means you’ll be able to have a service component.

Choose Less Expensive Products

Whether you end up planning a funeral service or a cremation service, you can reduce costs by carefully choosing the products you’ll need. If you’re planning a funeral, for instance, you can choose a lower-cost casket rather than potentially spend thousands more to get a higher-end casket. By being careful about the products you buy, you can definitely plan an affordable final service to honor your loved one.

Think About What You Can Skip

You can also plan an affordable final service if you skip some of the extras. For instance, you may wish to skip a reception. This is a good idea at a time when social distancing and group-size limits are in force. But there’s nothing stopping you from having a special meal with members of your own household. And this will be cheaper than holding a large reception.

funeral home in Rifle, CO

We’re here for you if you need to find a Rifle, CO funeral home to help you plan an affordable final service. As a premier funeral home, we can help you with your funeral service or cremation service planning. We’ll take the time to explain your options and help you to make the right decisions. We’re available 24 hours and day and 7 days a week, so get in touch by phone or in person for the help you need.

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Reasons to Play Music a Memorial Service

After a cremation service in Glenwood Springs, CO, will you hold a memorial service or a celebration of life service? Many families go that route, especially if they had arranged a direct cremation without any actual funeral ceremony in a church or anywhere else. If you do decide to hold a memorial, don’t forget the music. Here are some reasons why music is important.

Music Can Honor Your Family

By playing music at the memorial, you can honor your loved ones. For instance, you can select songs that speak to some of the specific life experiences that the deceased had had. There may also be songs that may serve as anthems for your family’s worldview and personal beliefs. When you are putting together a playlist, check out the deceased’s music library or ask some of their friends for input as to the types of songs that would be appropriate.

Music is Good for Your Health

When people enjoy the music they’re listening to, dopamine, a feel-good neurochemical that is connected to pleasure, is created. So wouldn’t it be a good idea to play music at an event where people are mourning? Music can reduce tension, pain, and anxiety. And enjoyable music can also regulate your heartbeat and pulse as well as ease symptoms of depression. Even if these were the only benefits of playing music at a memorial, they would be enough to warrant doing so.

Music Brings Back Positive Memories

Enjoying some music during a period of loss can bring back some powerful memories from the past. You might hear a certain chorus and remember times you had spent with the deceased. You might hear a particular song and recall the precious moments the family had spent together. Taking the time to enjoy music will give you and your family the chance to focus and to process things.

Music Brings People Together

It’s often said that sports bring people together. This is true without a shadow of a doubt. But it’s also true that music brings people together. When everyone is gathered to honor the memory of the deceased corporately, music can facilitate this process. You can include singing in the memorial program as a way to unite family and well-wishers. You can play the music, project the lyrics on a screen so that attendees can sing along, and then enjoy the music together. Selecting songs that the deceased had loved would be most appropriate.

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If you’d like to speak to someone at a provider of cremation services in Glenwood Springs, CO, get in touch with us for the assistance you require. We’re a premier death care services provider that can help you with your funeral service or cremation service planning. We’ll take the time to explain your options and help you to make the right decisions. We’re available 24 hours and day and 7 days a week, so get in touch by phone or in person for the help you need.

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Honoring a Loved One After Their Passing

Following a death close to home, family members of the deceased sometimes buy a monument. Monuments are utilized to memorialize the deceased in a special way. As beautiful as these permanent memorials are, there are other options to consider. And some of these options are particularly budget friendly. Read on to find out about some other ways to honor a deceased loved one following the service at a funeral home in Glenwood Springs, CO.


One way you can honor the memory of a deceased loved one is through photos. Nowadays, most people have pictures saved on their smartphones, on their tablets, on their computers, on their walls, and on their fireplace mantels. Assembling some photos either in an online album or in a physical album is one way you can memorialize someone near and dear to you. You can bet that you and your other family members will benefit from seeing pictures of a loved one.

Cremation Jewelry

Cremation jewelry, also known as memorial jewelry, is another popular option for families looking to memorialize their deceased loved ones. Cremation jewelry is basically a small urn designed to look like the sort of jewelry you might already have in your jewelry collection. It can be a ring, a neckless, or any other type of jewelry. Memorial jewelry is designed with a small internal component where ashes can be placed. You can bet that this option not only will look appealing, but also will bring comfort to you and your other family members.

Repurpose Possessions

Another way you can memorialize your deceased loved one is by repurposing some of their possessions. If they were a bookworm with lots of books, you might want to give their books to family members who also enjoy nothing better than tucking into a good book. Was your deceased loved one the sort of person who could cook up a storm? It would only be natural to pass on their prized recipes to family members who also know their way around a kitchen.


If you’re able, you might want to set up a scholarship in your deceased loved one’s honor. Were they passionate about a specific academic program at a nearby college or university? Did they express particular pride in their alma mater? You might want to consider contacting the school to ask about the requirements for setting up a scholarship. This will be a great way to memorialize your deceased loved one and to contribute to a great cause all at the same time.

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These are just a few ideas to help you memorialize someone you had been close to. If you’re interested in learning about more options, contact a Glenwood Springs, CO funeral home. We’re ready, able, and willing to render whatever assistance you require. As a premier death care services provider, we can help you with your funeral service or cremation service planning. We’ll take the time to explain your options and help you to make the right decisions. We’re available 24 hours and day and 7 days a week, so get in touch by phone or in-person for the help you need.

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3 Reasons to Preplan Your Final Service

If you haven’t preplanned a final service with a funeral home in Rifle, CO, you probably have already heard numerous times that it makes sense to arrange one. While most people would rather do almost anything rather than sit down and talk about death, preplanning a funeral or cremation isn’t nearly as daunting a task as might have been led to believe. Besides, there are some important reasons to preplan – such as the following 3 reasons.

1. Have Things Done Your Way

One of the main reasons to preplan your own final service is that you can do what you want. No one is better equipped to make arrangements for you than you are. That makes sense. You know whether you want a cremation or a funeral. You know who you want to serve as a pallbearer. You know what you want your family to do with your ashes if you choose to be cremated. So preplanning is a good idea because you can plan the final send-off that you want.

2. Lock in Costs

The costs related to a funeral could be considerable depending on what package you choose and what extras you add. Also consider that prices for final services will, due to things like inflation, increase over time. One key advantage of funeral preplanning is that you can lock in a certain price at the time of purchase. This is great for you because you will save money. And it’s great for your family since your loved ones won’t have to contend with climbing expenses.

3. Peace of Mind for You and Yours

Ultimately, preplanning your body disposition ahead of time will offer peace of mind both for you and for those you care for the most. When you preplan and prepay now, your family will benefit. They won’t have to plan a funeral or cremation – and they won’t have to pay for it either. This will allow them to grieve in peace and to simply prepare for the service. You can imagine the peace of mind they will have knowing that you’ve taken care of your body disposition arrangements. You’ll also have peace of mind in knowing that your family won’t have to take on the burden of planning or paying for your cremation or funeral.

funeral home in Rifle, CO

Do you want to preplan with a funeral home serving Rifle, CO families and individuals? We’re here to help. Our mission is to make the process as easy as possible. So get in touch to learn more about how we can help you preplan your cremation service or funeral service. As well, we can help you plan a final service if you’ve had a loss in your family As a premier death care services provider, we have a strong track record of helping people in their times of need. We’re available 24 hours and day and 7 days a week, so get in touch by phone or in person. We’ll help you in any way we can.