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3 Benefits of Planning Cremation with a Service

Do you want to plan a cremation but also wish to plan a service component that allows family and friends to come together? Some funeral homes offer cremations and funerals, but not all of them will allow you to arrange a cremation with a service. So when you’re looking to plan cremation services in Fruita, CO, make sure that the funeral home you plan with will accommodate your wishes. Here are 3 benefits of having a cremation with a service.

1. Combine Elements of Cremation and Funeral

By being able to have a cremation with a service, you won’t really have to choose between a cremation service and a funeral service followed by casket burial. You’ll get the body disposition you want as well as a service, whether in a chapel or a church. Remember that not all funeral homes permit this, so you’ll want to do some research to ensure you find the right company.

2. Bring Family Together

When you plan a cremation with a service, you’ll be able to bring family together. Having a cremation without a service means your family will have to forego an opportunity to congregate, honor the deceased, comfort one another, and draw strength and inspiration from simply being together with loved ones and well-wishers. Sure, you could have a memorial afterward to compensate. But memorials and celebrations of life tend to be held weeks after the actual body disposition while a service right after the cremation offers immediate benefits. So if you want to allow your family to unite immediately after the cremation, plan a cremation with a service.

3. Avoid Conflict

What will happen if some family members want to plan a cremation while others want to plan a funeral? This sort of disagreement could potentially lead to hard feelings – not exactly what you want or need. You might be surprised at how often families bicker over which body disposition to choose. But having a cremation with a service could potentially eliminate conflict. The reason, of course, is that it includes elements of both a cremation and a funeral service. So both sides will get what they want in a single event meant to honor the deceased.

If you wish to combine aspects of a cremation and a funeral, bring family and well-wishers together, and avoid possible disagreements, then it might be best to plan a cremation with a service after a loved one passes away. It’s an option worth exploring.

cremation services in Fruita, CO

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