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Do You Know Who the Best Funeral Home in Aspen, CO is?

If you were asked to identify the best funeral home in Aspen, CO, would you know what to say? Perhaps you’ve already worked with death care services providers in and around the area, or maybe you have no such experience. You could, of course, do some research to find out about the various funeral homes at your disposal to find the best one. You could also ask people you know if they knew the answer to this question.

If you’d like to know the answer, read on to discover the name of this company. But first, you’ll see some of the qualities that help to identify the best of the best funeral homes in the region.

Family Owned and Operated

It’s always a good idea to patronize businesses that are family owned and operated. Such companies have deep roots in the area. As per death care services providers, there is only one family owned and operated funeral home in Grand Junction with its own onsite crematory. It’s much easier for you as a consumer to check on quality control when things are done onsite. If the body of the deceased has to be transported hither and tither during the body disposition process, your loved ones won’t be able to guarantee that you’re being handled properly. So be sure to find a family owned and operated business that can do things on their own premises.

Biggest Selection of Urns and Jewelry

The premier funeral home in the area offers the largest selection of cremation urns and jewelry on the Western slope at 40% to 60% less than local competitors. How can you go wrong if you can find a funeral home with the widest selection and the best prices locally?

Licensed and Trained

Did you know that Colorado doesn’t require funeral directors, embalmers, or crematory operators to be licensed? Chances are you weren’t aware of this. Even so, the best funeral home in Aspen, CO has invested in a state-of-the-art facility that is fully equipped with two on-site crematories, extra-large refrigerated care unit, and embalming suites. This means you won’t have to deal with any poorly trained embalmers cutting corners or doing this improperly.

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