cremation services for pets in Palisade, CO

Funeral and Cremation Services for Pets

Losing a pet is never easy. However, just like a funeral can help you feel better after losing a loved one, funeral and cremation services for pets in Palisade, CO can help you remember and celebrate your lost furry friend while making you feel better.

Planning pet funerals and cremations starts with choosing how you want to deal with the body. One option is pet cremation. Pet cremations allow for a lot of customization both before, during and after the cremation. Pet burials are another common and more traditional option. You can bury your pet in your yard, or in a special cemetery dedicated to pet burials.

You can also plan a pet memorial or funeral service in addition to planning a burial, cremation or scattering. Just like a funeral service for a person, a pet memorial is a good way to honor your pet’s life and say your final goodbye. There are tons of options for pet services, such as hosting it where you plan to scatter the ashes, at your home, in a funeral home, or in the pet burial area. Don’t choose randomly, but instead choose a spot that will allow you to show your grief so you can begin to heal. It’s also important to note that you might need a permit to host a ceremony, bury the body, or scatter ashes in a public space.

There are many different ways you can celebrate your pet in a memorial. For example, you can invite friends and family members who were a part of your pet’s life, or those that simply understand how important he was to you. Try getting everyone to stand around the grave or memorial site to share fun memories or stories. You can read poems, play different kinds of music, or just have everyone discuss how they are feeling.

Don’t be afraid to ask attendants to say prayers, eulogize, or just share a thought on how your lost pet made them feel. A creative idea is to bring on which people can write their thoughts or feelings. You can hold onto these papers for when you miss your pet, or you can bury or scatter them with the pet’s remains.

You can also add some kind of visual representation of your pet, as its not common to have an open casket for animals. Make a tribute that includes photos, drawings, tags, or toys. You may also choose to put out the urn if the body was cremated.

Loss is never easy, even if the loss was your pet. Say goodbye to your friend and ease the pain of your loss by hosting a Palisade, CO cremation service or funeral for your pet. If you would like to learn more about your options, please reach out to Brown’s Cremation & Funeral Service by visiting us at 904 N 7th St Grand Junction, CO 81501, or calling us at (970) 255-8888. We would be happy to help you in your time of loss.