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Honoring a Loved One After Their Passing

Following a death close to home, family members of the deceased sometimes buy a monument. Monuments are utilized to memorialize the deceased in a special way. As beautiful as these permanent memorials are, there are other options to consider. And some of these options are particularly budget friendly. Read on to find out about some other ways to honor a deceased loved one following the service at a funeral home in Glenwood Springs, CO.


One way you can honor the memory of a deceased loved one is through photos. Nowadays, most people have pictures saved on their smartphones, on their tablets, on their computers, on their walls, and on their fireplace mantels. Assembling some photos either in an online album or in a physical album is one way you can memorialize someone near and dear to you. You can bet that you and your other family members will benefit from seeing pictures of a loved one.

Cremation Jewelry

Cremation jewelry, also known as memorial jewelry, is another popular option for families looking to memorialize their deceased loved ones. Cremation jewelry is basically a small urn designed to look like the sort of jewelry you might already have in your jewelry collection. It can be a ring, a neckless, or any other type of jewelry. Memorial jewelry is designed with a small internal component where ashes can be placed. You can bet that this option not only will look appealing, but also will bring comfort to you and your other family members.

Repurpose Possessions

Another way you can memorialize your deceased loved one is by repurposing some of their possessions. If they were a bookworm with lots of books, you might want to give their books to family members who also enjoy nothing better than tucking into a good book. Was your deceased loved one the sort of person who could cook up a storm? It would only be natural to pass on their prized recipes to family members who also know their way around a kitchen.


If you’re able, you might want to set up a scholarship in your deceased loved one’s honor. Were they passionate about a specific academic program at a nearby college or university? Did they express particular pride in their alma mater? You might want to consider contacting the school to ask about the requirements for setting up a scholarship. This will be a great way to memorialize your deceased loved one and to contribute to a great cause all at the same time.

funeral home in Glenwood Springs, CO

These are just a few ideas to help you memorialize someone you had been close to. If you’re interested in learning about more options, contact a Glenwood Springs, CO funeral home. We’re ready, able, and willing to render whatever assistance you require. As a premier death care services provider, we can help you with your funeral service or cremation service planning. We’ll take the time to explain your options and help you to make the right decisions. We’re available 24 hours and day and 7 days a week, so get in touch by phone or in-person for the help you need.