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How to Plan an Affordable Final Service

What are your options if you need to arrange a final service at a funeral home in Rifle, CO and need to do so on a relatively tight budget? The good news is that there are options if you are cost-conscious but still want to plan a meaningful and respectful final service for a loved one.

Here’s are a few tips to keep in mind when you want to arrange an affordable final service.

Choose the Right Funeral Home

No two funeral homes are the same. Some funeral homes offer great service while others don’t. When you’re looking for a great service provider that charges reasonable prices, you’ll want to do some research. Contact funeral homes you’re potentially interested in working with, and ask them for their general price lists that show what they offer and what they charge. This will help you to figure out which death care services providers are most suitable for you and yours. One thing to avoid is the temptation to make a choice solely based on cost. So consider cost as well as other things like final service package options, facilities, customer service, and more.

Consider Cremation Service

While a good funeral director can help you to arrange an affordable cremation and casket burial, there’s no denying that the most cost-effective body disposition is a cremation service. So if you really want to pay as little as possible for the final service, you’ll want to seriously consider cremation. If you wish to have a cremation but also want to have some sort of service, ask the funeral director who helps you plan. For instance, some funeral homes offer cremation with a service, which means you’ll be able to have a service component.

Choose Less Expensive Products

Whether you end up planning a funeral service or a cremation service, you can reduce costs by carefully choosing the products you’ll need. If you’re planning a funeral, for instance, you can choose a lower-cost casket rather than potentially spend thousands more to get a higher-end casket. By being careful about the products you buy, you can definitely plan an affordable final service to honor your loved one.

Think About What You Can Skip

You can also plan an affordable final service if you skip some of the extras. For instance, you may wish to skip a reception. This is a good idea at a time when social distancing and group-size limits are in force. But there’s nothing stopping you from having a special meal with members of your own household. And this will be cheaper than holding a large reception.

funeral home in Rifle, CO

We’re here for you if you need to find a Rifle, CO funeral home to help you plan an affordable final service. As a premier funeral home, we can help you with your funeral service or cremation service planning. We’ll take the time to explain your options and help you to make the right decisions. We’re available 24 hours and day and 7 days a week, so get in touch by phone or in person for the help you need.