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Reasons to Play Music a Memorial Service

After a cremation service in Glenwood Springs, CO, will you hold a memorial service or a celebration of life service? Many families go that route, especially if they had arranged a direct cremation without any actual funeral ceremony in a church or anywhere else. If you do decide to hold a memorial, don’t forget the music. Here are some reasons why music is important.

Music Can Honor Your Family

By playing music at the memorial, you can honor your loved ones. For instance, you can select songs that speak to some of the specific life experiences that the deceased had had. There may also be songs that may serve as anthems for your family’s worldview and personal beliefs. When you are putting together a playlist, check out the deceased’s music library or ask some of their friends for input as to the types of songs that would be appropriate.

Music is Good for Your Health

When people enjoy the music they’re listening to, dopamine, a feel-good neurochemical that is connected to pleasure, is created. So wouldn’t it be a good idea to play music at an event where people are mourning? Music can reduce tension, pain, and anxiety. And enjoyable music can also regulate your heartbeat and pulse as well as ease symptoms of depression. Even if these were the only benefits of playing music at a memorial, they would be enough to warrant doing so.

Music Brings Back Positive Memories

Enjoying some music during a period of loss can bring back some powerful memories from the past. You might hear a certain chorus and remember times you had spent with the deceased. You might hear a particular song and recall the precious moments the family had spent together. Taking the time to enjoy music will give you and your family the chance to focus and to process things.

Music Brings People Together

It’s often said that sports bring people together. This is true without a shadow of a doubt. But it’s also true that music brings people together. When everyone is gathered to honor the memory of the deceased corporately, music can facilitate this process. You can include singing in the memorial program as a way to unite family and well-wishers. You can play the music, project the lyrics on a screen so that attendees can sing along, and then enjoy the music together. Selecting songs that the deceased had loved would be most appropriate.

cremation service in Glenwood Springs, CO

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