cremation service in Fruita, CO

Reasons Why More and More People Plan Cremation Services

After losing a loved one, you and yours will want to honor them by arranging a funeral service or a cremation service in Fruita, CO. Arranging a final service is a bittersweet experience. It’s bitter because planning a final service means acknowledging that a loved one has died. It’s sweet because you and yours will get to honor someone who had been near and dear to you.

If you’re leaning towards arranging a cremation service but aren’t quite certain, here’s a look at reasons why many families decide to go with cremation services.

Environmental Reasons

Traditional funerals call for embalming, a casket or coffin, as well as land for the burial. So traditional funerals require the use of non-biodegradable products as well as land space. If you go with a cremation instead, you can scatter the ashes or bury the urn. Burying an urn will obviously require less land space.


Another reason many families plan cremations is that cremations are easier to plan than are funeral services. With much fewer moving pieces, so to speak, cremations can be arranged in a fraction of the time that it takes to plan funerals. So if you’d rather not complicate things, consider a cremation.

Scatter the Ashes

You’ll be able to scatter the ashes of your deceased loved one in one or more locations. So you might want to scatter some of the ashes on your property, and you may also want to choose other locations. If the deceased had enjoyed traveling, then you might want to scatter some of the ashes whenever you travel to another country.

Keep Loved One Nearby

Another reason people plan cremations is to keep their deceased loved ones close. You’ll be able to take home the urn containing their cremated remains. This will enable you to feel near to your relative after their passing.

Cremation Jewelry

Some families choose to honor their deceased loved ones by getting cremation jewelry. That’s a great option if you want to do something unique that allows you to memorialize a loved one. You can get cremation jewelry in the form of earrings, rings, necklaces, pendants, and other kinds of jewelry. This type of jewelry has an internal compartment where you can place some of the ashes.


Cremation is a budget friendly means to plan a body disposition. When you plan a cremation, you can skip the funeral service, the viewing, the casket, the embalming, the burial, and other things associated with arranging a funeral service. So you can save a lot by planning a cremation.

cremation service in Fruita, CO

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