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Unique Things You Can Do with Ashes

Are you pondering some unique things you can do with the ashes of your deceased loved one after the cremation service in Rifle, CO? One of the reasons many people choose a cremation service over a funeral service is that there are plenty of options they can pursue after the body disposition. Sure, you could bury the urn, keep the urn as a memento, or scatter the ashes. But what if you’d like a more creative option? Here are some out-of-the-box ideas to ponder.

Memorial Jewelry

It’s possible to transform your loved one’s ashes into jewelry. There are different ways to do this. Some companies will subject the ashes to extremely high heat in order to create what is sometimes called an ash bead that can be incorporated into jewelry like, say, a ring or a bracelet. Another type of memorial jewelry or cremation jewelry refers to a piece of jewelry that contains a compartment where ashes can be put into. So if either of these cremation jewelry options interests you, find a funeral home that can facilitate the process.

Let There be Fireworks

There are companies that will attach ashes to fireworks and then hold a fireworks display. This can be a perfect final send-off for your loved one after a memorial service or a celebration of life service. If your relative had loved to live life to the fullest and to celebrate notable occasions, then a fireworks display incorporating their ashes might be a most fitting option.

Scatter Far and Wide

While scattering isn’t necessarily a unique option, in and of itself, it can be if you decide to scatter in different states or even in different countries. Did the deceased love to travel to different places? Were there places they had mentioned wanting to visit someday? If you are able to, you might want to travel with the intention of scattering their ashes in some of the places you visit. This can be a powerful way to honor the memory of someone you love. A funeral home will be able to tell you what to do if you want to travel with the ashes by plane.


It’s possible to have a company place your loved one’s ashes in helium balloons. This can be a great way to give them a unique final send-off. You could hold a memorial service or a celebration of life service before releasing the special balloons that will allow your loved one to soar through the sky and ascend to the heavens. You’ll need to find a company that offers such an option, but rest assured that there are some businesses offering this unique service.

cremation service in Rifle, CO

These are just a few of the unique things you can do with cremation ashes. Want more ideas? Get in touch with us. We’re a provider of cremation services in Rifle, CO that will help you plan a body disposition that honors the deceased. So you don’t need to look any further if you want to work with a professional and a dependable funeral home. We’re available 24 hours and day and 7 days a week and offer a wide range of final services packages.