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What Type of Merchandise Can You Get from a Funeral Home?

You can count on a reputable funeral home in Grand Junction, CO for a great many things. The funeral director and the rest of the staff members will help you plan a funeral service or cremation service, will answer whatever questions you may have, and will do so much more. One of the things you’ll need to do during the planning process is decide what merchandise to buy. You’ll get to see the merchandise available by looking at the general price list.

What follows is a look at what merchandise you can expect to find at a reputable funeral home in the area.

Memorial Monuments

Funeral homes sell memorial monuments. These items can include tombstones, mausoleums, benches, specialty uprights, companion slants and uprights, individual slants and uprights, junior markers, and vases. You can contact the funeral home of your choice to learn more about your memorial monument options so that you find the right one for your family.


If your loved one will be cremated, then you’ll likely want to buy an urn. You’ll find many options depending on your budget, the purpose of the urn, and the material it’s made from. If you wish to keep the urn at home, then you may want to get something a bit more upscale. If you wish to display the urn in your outdoor living space, like on a patio deck, then you’ll want to select a material that will hold up to the elements The funeral home you work with will help you make the right choice based on different factors. So you can count on getting the help you need.


Do you want a unique way to memorialize your deceased loved one? You might want to consider cremation jewelry. You can, for instance, get quality necklaces that you’ll be proud to wear not only because it will honor a loved one, but also because it will actually look great. A funeral home will be able to give you more details as to what kind of memorial jewelry is available. One way you can make memorial jewelry all the more meaningful is by placing some of the cremation ashes within a compartment in the cremation jewelry.

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As you would expect, funeral homes sell caskets. You’ll find a good selection of caskets to meet your budget. Bronze and copper caskets feature naturally non-rusting materials, great construction quality, durable materials, and more. Check the general price list to see your options.

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