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You Know that Cremation is the Body Disposition Option for You When…

It’s definitely a good idea to sit down with the funeral director at a funeral home to preplan your body disposition. That way your loved ones won’t have to do it for you after you pass away. Whether you opt for a funeral service or a cremation service in Aspen, CO is entirely up to you since either body disposition option is a good choice. Even so, there are times when you’ll know deep down that the only way to go is a cremation service. Here’s how you can tell:

You Don’t Want to Spend More than is Needed

If you’re going to preplan your final services and are determined to not spend any more money than is absolutely necessary, then you probably should stick with cremation. You’re likely to save money if you arrange a cremation over a funeral. Look through the general price list that you’re given and see for yourself which body disposition is the most cost-effective option.

You Don’t Want to be in a Casket that Takes Up a Lot of Space

Are you uneasy about being buried in a casket and taking up a lot of space in a cemetery? If so, you might want to go with cremation. You can ask your loved ones to take your ashes home in an urn – which will eliminate the need to bury a casket. You can also ask them to scatter your ashes in a place that holds special significance to you. This can be in your flower garden or at the family cottage. Do you want your urn to be buried? An urn is obviously much smaller than a casket, which means that it won’t take up much ground space. You can also get a biodegradable urn that will, as the name suggests, break down and disintegrate. You can rest assured that such an urn will have no permanent impact on the environment. Also note that cremation ashes don’t pose any environmental or health risks.

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You’d Like to Go Home with Your Family

Being buried means you’ll be left in a cemetery. But if you’re cremated, your family can display your ashes on the fireplace mantel or get memorial jewelry made in your honor. This will help you to remain close to your loved ones – at least in a symbolic sense. Doing this will also help your loved ones to feel closer to you even if death separates you from them.

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